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Fall Workshops

Inner Spaciousness Continuum

12/7 // 11am-5pm

with Bobbie

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GlobalBody Rooting Series

Intro 10/27 // 11:30am-2:30pm

11/9, 12/4 // 11am-2pm

with Bobbie

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Community Meditation Circle

11/21, 12/19

with Bobbie & John Marron

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Mary Abrams Returns to Soma

12/8 // Info to Come

with Mary Abrams

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Community Acupuncturee

11/23, 12/28

with Fiamma Sita

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Earth Movers Drum Circle

11/24, 12/15 // 3-5pm

with Dave

10/31 // 5pm

with Gypsy Funk Squad

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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship

with Bobbie

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Soma Center is Available for Rentals

Want to expand what you are doing? Have a group that needs a beautiful space? Are you a personal trainer? Coach? Body care provider? Therapist?
For information, please call Bobbie 732-777-9642

Yoga Teacher Training Programs Available
with Bobbie
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Bobbie Ellis is an officiant for weddings, baby blessings, eulogies, celebration of life, and any ceremony or celebration where a guide is needed.
For more info, please visit

Soma Center, the slow motion, body intelligent studio. The healing side of practice and embodiment.

Our classes, workshops and training programs offer resources for a greater capacity to live a life of meaning in this modern world. A creative way of Embodied exercise, self-growth, and inner awareness that access your connection to the greater whole and the understanding of your part in it.

We offer a refreshing approach to wellness that does not push, over effort or force, but guides you towards your own capacity, cultivating the silent still mind that naturally occurs when you are more fully engaged with the moment to moment occurrences in movement and sensation. We emphasize a person centered approach to yoga, movement and the creativity of living to give you full access to your greatest potential at your own pace.

Rather then give you a mold to fit into, our way of practice gives you the time and space to meet yourself whole heartedly with love and kindness. Just where you are with interest and curiosity, to build strength, relieve stress and anxiety, and leave with a little more of who you are than when you came in.

Take your time to peruse our website, if you like what we offer in words, take a class and "feel the difference of soma". There is no greater way to know if this way of practice is for you other then experience. With 31 years of explorations and 20 years as a studio in Highland Park, NJ, our knowledge and practice holds a beautiful container for your deepest unfoldings. Extending presence by awakening somatic intelligence and embracing all aspects of the human experience. How we make meaning is more important than what we come to believe because how we make meaning creates what we believe.

Soma Center offers Embodied wellness, intelligence in movement, creativity and spirituality that is individual and undogmatic, you are your own best teacher".

Sometimes even the widest of chasms can be crossed with the beginning of a conversation and establishing a truly human connection. At Soma, we have a proud legacy of creating a space for transformative conversations for the body, mind and heart. We are grateful for all who continue to support our rebirth year after year! Thank you!!!

Any question big or small are welcome, call us! We love to talk live with you! Bobbie Ellis, Owner & Director of Soma Center, at 732.777.9642 or

Soma Center is Available for Rentalsrental

I was happy enough to stay still... Inside the pearl inside the shell...But the hurricane of experience lashed me out of hiding and made a wave moving into shore... Saying loudly the ocean's I went, and then, spent there... I slept like fog against a cliff...Another stillness. - Rumi