Fall Highlights

Yoga Teacher Training Apprenticeship Available

with Bobbie

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Continuum Movement Series

Thurs 11/6-12/1

with Bobbie

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Somatic Healing: Body, Breath, Mind

Fri 12/5 . 7-8:30pm

with Barbara Gelfand, LCSW

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Winter Series of the Heart

Sat 12/6 . 1-5pm

with Bobbie

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Global Body

Sat 12/13 . 11-1pm

with Bobbie

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Winter Solstice Deep Continuum Dive

Sat 12/20 . 1-9pm

with Bobbie

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The Great Belly: A Yogini’s Lament

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Did Women Invent Yoga?

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massageHealing Services at Soma Center

Massage Therapy . Yoga Therapy . Movement Therapy
Private Yoga . Wise Well Woman® . Personal Training

To enhance your personal growth or enliven your next gathering, please call 732.777.9642 or email to make an appointment.

Integrated Massage Therapy Treatments with Bobbie Ellis

1 hour $90.00 . 1 1/2 hours $110.00
Each Massage Therapy session is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Swedish & Soft Deep Tissue Therapy

This treatment includes long, slow strokes down muscle fibers to deeply relax the body. When necessary, deep tissue techniques are utilized to relieve held tension and pain.

Potent (Marma) Point Therapy

There are thousands of potent points in the body. Using several massage styles including finger pressure, these points (or marmas as the have been called in ancient times) are released allowing energy to flow freely.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

This session is done either fully clothed on a mat or in conjunction with other therapies on the table. Thai Yoga Bodywork uses rhythmic massage techniques, deep stretching and supported yoga postures to alleviate deeply held stress in the body/mind. Opens the energy channels of the entire system.

Small Ball Therapy

Using a small 9 inch ball placed under joints and muscle fiber with moderate pressure, deeply held pain and tension is released.

Sports Massage

Great for the exercise enthusiast! Deep tissue and cross fiber friction along with manual stretching is used to relieve over worked muscles. Great for sports injury.

Body-Mind Therapeutics with Bobbie Ellis

1 hour $90.00 . 1 1/2 hours $110.00

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

A gentle, profound approach to accessing inner awareness of held patterns in the body/mind from the past to the present. Session includes: Supported yoga postures, breathing, and a specific dialogue technique to experience your inner life more fully. Yoga Therapy is a great adjunct to cognitive therapy.

Motional Processing

Motional Processing (mo-pro) works with real life issues expressed through movement, drawing, witnessing and dialogue. By working in this highly creative way, we expand our ordinary field of play and ways of thinking, feeling and sensing life. Mo-pro allows the generation of new inner and outer resources for a more complete understanding of the self.

Wise Well Woman® Personal Training

A workout for the feminine form. Using elements of Soma Yoga, dance and weight training, this workout not only strengthens and stretches, it lifts your mood and makes you feel good in the body you have. In home rates may vary.

Private Yoga

For those with special needs or would like one on one attention. Also for those who wish to have a practice tailored for their individual needs. Certified teachers are always available for private in home or office classes or for your next yoga party! In home rates vary.